Sri Lanka

I've lost all my desire to explore and try new things. I hate Colombo. I feel like Im in a prison. I have to ask the maid to follow me to the door so she can lock it behind me and then there is no key so i have to ring the bell to be let back in. I cant make anything because the kitchen is set up for the maid and its nasty with broken things or things that dont work or i have no idea how they work, so making anything is a real pain. The stores don't carry anything that I would enjoy eating, the meat is all bones and gristle. We are only about 350 meters from the ocean. To walk to it I have to pass human shit on the streets, crowds of people who gawk at me, they are not dirty but they seem in a way grubby. The traffic is chaotic, you take your life in your hands to cross the street. Then walk down a filthy road with piles of garbage sometimes stinking sometimes being burnt in a smoky haze that chokes you. Finally you make it to the beach and the garbage on the beach makes you want to cry. you dont dare go in the water because this garbage has all washed up from the canals that dump directly into the ocean. This is Colombo Sri Lanka